Playground Family Session in Southern Maryland (Silver Spring, MD)

Playground Family Session in Southern Maryland (Silver Spring, MD)

About the Session: This family was so much FUN!

Parents, Ken & Melissa, had the idea of doing their family session at a playground. This proved to be an excellent idea, as their girls, ages 4 and 2, didn’t get restless and bored doing photos the entire time we were at the park. They were more than happy to occasionally pause for a photo break — smiling and giggling their whole way through.

Pairing that up with Ken’s silly faces that made the girls belly laugh made this session a knockout!

In my post-session survey, I asked: What are some words of wisdom you would give to another family considering a portrait session?

“Do something your kids will enjoy doing, and make sure it is done at a time of day that they are happy and alert —far far away from nap time!”

Photographer: Emily-Melissa Walker of Emily-Melissa Photography | Instagram | Facebook
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

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